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TECHNOLOGY information to the site- FSCA offers state of the art facilities for Computer Science and Cyber Security. Our technology room is equipped with top-of-the-line Alienware desktops, laptops and everything a coding student would need. Students are able to choose various courses throughout the year.

Now offering:

  • Game Programming
  • Character Animation
  • Cyber Security
  • Computer programming in C#

Teacher Testimonial
“The quality of the program we have created is well-beyond the scope of what any secondary school is offering, and I would even say,  better than any school or college because we update more often, use the newest curriculum, create coding scenarios based on student-led interest, and are attentive to the changing needs of our community and the world around us.  The students coming out of the FSCA coding classes are so prepared that universities and colleges will be seeking them out for their programs. In fact, we already have some students who are doing so well in the college dual-enrollment classes that they will be receiving full scholarships to complete their Bachelor’s Degrees.

We welcome students to try our program. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”~Albert Daniel MCP, CSM


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Florida State Christian Academy is currently practicing distance learning. The Florida Department of Education has announced that students will not return to school until April 15th. Online Instruction for FSCA students began today, March 23rd. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.COVID-19 updates