At Florida State Christian Academy:

Synergy is a way of life!

Synergy is what allows students to affect the world around them. Through synergy they become part of the whole. How and what they contribute defines the overall outcome of their success as individuals, in the community and in our world.








 Showing our students that their ideas are valued by creating an environment in which they can develop skills that will aid them in becoming productive Global Citizens.


 Yearn. Learn. Earn. Students can develop a yearning to discover their purpose while learning to master skills that will launch them into their future careers, while positioning themselves to earn top dollar in the industries of their choosing.

 Navigation. Students are steered through a combination of essential basic skills, such as integrity, communication, integrity, competency, and protocol while learning to have a teachable and flexible disposition with the determination and persistence to succeed.

Envision your future! At Synergy School of Tomorrow students are empowered to be visionaries - the entrepreneurs, inventors, dignitaries and corporate leaders of tomorrow, who see their futures without barriers, and who position themselves for ultimate success.

Reaching all students through a variety of platforms across multicultural barriers and online learning, live webinars, and virtual college preparatory, vocational, and trades training and career programs.

Generating daily enthusiasm by energizing students to strive to achieve their goals, teachers activate the students' passion to invest in themselves and transcend mediocrity.  

You, everything starts and ends with you at Synergy. Our commitment is to you, the individual.  We customize a unique learning experience for every student. We believe that you deserve the very best opportunities.