FSCA Student Council

What is student council

and why should you join?

Students in 4th - 12th Grades can participate as members of Student Council. Florida State Christian Academy offers these students the opportunity to take a role of leadership and guidance to the their peers. 


They become a voice for change and learn the importance of representation in a community. 


Who can be a part of

student council?

The FSCA Student Council has two divisions:

6th - 12th Grade - Student Council 

4th - 5th  Grade - Student Council Junior

Having members from both divisions be involved with school planning and decision making provides for an accurate representation of the student body's voice in matters that affect changes in the school.


What are the requirements to be a member of the Student Council?

Students must/are:

  • Maintain a grade of 70% or higher in ALL subject areas.

  • Expected to behave appropriately, as detailed in the FSCA Student Handbook.

  • Complete classwork and homework in a timely manner.

  • Participate on Student Council Committees and attend ALL Functions

What types of activities and events does Student Council participate in?

Student Council Activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Leading pep rallies and school spirit activities

  • Open assemblies and ceremonies

  • Greet and tour school guests

  • Host annual food drives or other such fundraisers

  • Plan and make preparations for school dances/events

  • Assist administration as needed in the school

  • Present ideas or subjects for school improvement


Student Council

2019 - 2020