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Established in 2000, we are proud to be the only state Accredited Christian School in Saint Lucie County providing Preschooler’s and Kindergartners through 12th Grade a unique blend of traditional education, with modern techniques.  Our goal is to keep you student engaged and inspired to learn!

At F.S.C. Academy we are proud to provide multiple options for your young students educational needs.

STEAM is process driven instead of product driven, which means that students attempt to solve a problem, discover what is not working, redesign the solution, and repeat that process until the desired result is reached

This philosophy promotes self-discover, builds inquiry and invention, and elevates self-esteem-all elements missing in the traditional educational model.  Florida State Christian Academy is blessed to have Master’s level Science and Technology experts using cutting-edge innovation to lead our team of talented teachers and students into the future of education.

We are always mindful of our student experience and the quality of education that they receive.  We keep our teacher to student ratio to approximately 1:22.  We have custom class arrangements upon request.

Maintaining a positive working environment is derived from the culture and atmosphere that we nurture at our company.

At Florida State Christian Academy we provide our families affordable before and aftercare services.


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Florida State Christian Academy
5200 Oleander Ave,
Fort Pierce, FL 34982


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Monday Through Friday
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