Under the guidance and mentorship of our Superintendent, Dr. Donnelyn Khourie, students in our Entrepreneurship and Business Essentials Pathways are introduced to a variety of practical trade tools and functions that will prepare them for actual success in the future.

The Entrepreneur Program provides instruction in the basic principles of entrepreneurship. 


This includes the role of the entrepreneur, 

entrepreneurship as a career, ethics in business, and the principles of marketing, financing, and managing a business. 

An emphasis on investing in economic world trends includes utilizing the knowledge of master teachers and utilizing internationally proven strategies for money making.

Students are mentored by successful entrepreneurs and are given the opportunity to make "virtual" investments in practice (not real) bank accounts to track their investing profits and losses and to gain skills in analyzing the market and world events in order to make sound investments. When students reach the age of 18, they can begin to invest and profit in the real world.