FSCA Daily Attendance & Absence Policy

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Daily attendance is recorded by the teacher.  For a student to be considered at school all day, the student MUST be in school until 11:30am.  
Accurate documentation is necessary for student records; therefore, it is very important that attendance procedures are followed. Middle and high school teachers must take attendance in every class and notify the office of any discrepancies. 
The official daily attendance will be taken during Homeroom. For dual enrollment high school students, the first scheduled period of the day on campus will be used to determine daily attendance. Secondary attendance must also be taken daily by class period.  



FSCA’s goal for students is to not miss any class. In case of absence, the parent should send a dated note to the teacher.

The note must explain the reason for the absence. An unexcused absence will be recorded in the student’s record until a signed note is brought to the office.


Excused absences may include but not limited to:

• Student Illness (substantiated by a doctor’s statement)

• School approved activity (permission slip) 
• Special absences, which are pre-approved from the school principal 
Note: All other absences will be considered unexcused. Students work may result in a zero or lowered at the discretion of the teacher and/or administration. 
When a student is absent, the following procedures should be followed: 
• A parental email or note is to be sent to the student’s teacher. This does not necessarily mean the absences will be excused

• When returning to school after the absence the student may return to class assuming they have reported the absence to the front office