Synergy utilizes BJU Press’s middle and high school Bible product line to guide students through a systematic study of the Bible and its significant themes. As they conduct an inductive Bible study exploring the Creation, Fall, Redemption story of the Bible, delve into major Bible doctrine, and develop a biblical worldview, students will learn to value and use hermeneutical principles based on exegesis. Ultimately, this program leads students to form and defend a biblical worldview, evaluate other beliefs, and engage their culture with truth and love.


Synergy utilizes BJU Press's middle and high school math product line to equip students to develop advanced mathematical skills and strategies. This scaffolded program enables students to solve real-world problems by extending their understanding through strategic modeling of mathematical procedures, tiered practice problems, and the use and creation of mathematical models in authentic contexts. Targeted keyword searches, graphic calculator instruction, and spreadsheet activities help students use technology to extend their knowledge and skills and apply them to life.

World Languages

Duolingo is utilized to give students a wide variety of languages to choose from. Students will incorporate historical and cultural projects each quarter to facilitate a hands-on approach that meshes with our digital platform.


This course prepares students to be informed and empowered citizens who have a biblical perspective of government. It teaches students about our nation, its development over the last 4 centuries, and its government system. Students will examine primary sources foundational to understanding the operations of the US Government.

Economics introduces and explores key principles of economics from household purchases to the stock market. This course will explain important economic principles and provide practical information about budgeting, banking, dept, credit, interest, policies, and national systems.


Synergy utilizes BJU Press's middle and high school science product line to equip students to ethically engage in the work of science through this lab-based program. Students extend knowledge and skills through strategic modeling and practice, case studies, the evaluation of scientific models, and ethics activities. Webquests, spreadsheet activities, and probeware technology build 21st century skills and relate them to the work of science. Students have opportunities to collect and analyze data and to create and evaluate their own models through guided discovery labs, inquiry labs, and collaborative STEM experiences.


Synergy utilizes BJU Press's secondary literature to help students go beyond learning about literature to learning how to interact with literature. Students develop a deeper understanding as they examine texts from different cultures, diverse authors and genres, and a range of time periods. Students use text-focused reading techniques that emphasizes comprehension and critical thinking.

Synergy's writing and grammar classes provide students with a real-world focus on language skills as they systematically review and practice grammar and mechanics, and directly apply English conventions to writing. Students synthesize grammar, speaking, writing, and more!

U.S./World History

Synergy utilizes BJU Press's middle and high school heritage product line to help students to engage their culture by providing opportunities for students to read and analyze text and sources, participate in group discussions, and conduct historical research. Photos and artwork bring chapters to life while feature boxes, maps, charts, and diagrams help students develop context and connect ideas. Probing questions about ethical citizenship and real-world problems are designed to produce biblically informed citizens and leaders.