About Our School

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Synergy Vocational Academy is the home of the Saints!  We are proud to be one of the only internationally and nationally accredited private Christian schools in Saint Lucie County. 
Currently, we are the only private school on the Treasure Coast to offer a full array of Vocational Career and Trade Programs.  These programs give our students a step into reality by introducing them to fields such as: Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Film Production, E-Sports and much more!
Our curriculum provides a unique blend of traditional education, with modern techniques to VPK children and students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Our goal at SVA is to keep your student engaged and inspired to learn!

Our teachers are professional, degree holding individuals who enthusiastically provide students with an inviting learning environment.  They are Godly, passionate about their students' learning, and understand what it means to "have the heart of the child". 

A child's heart and mind is the key to their intelligence.  We believe that by engaging our students in a variety of learning styles we can enable them to have a strong foundation to build upon for their future success as global citizens and world Leaders.

Our Mission & Vision

SVA's mission is to develop a learning environment that targets the heart and soul of every student by tapping into their God endowed gifts and talents through pathway options as well as exposing them to a unique style of blended classes, and  to inspire them to demonstrate their faith based values by learning to always be: Respectful,   Responsible,  Decisive,  Integral,  Loyal,  Faithful,  Appreciative,  Creative,  Self-Governing,  Concerned, Well-Informed, Thoughtful, and Enterprising.


Our Vision produces students who are fully devoted followers of God, who are fully prepared to enter the workforce, pre-apprentice, and/or college as productive and successful members of society.

Our Vision is to offer every grade school student in America the opportunity to choose an accredited, faith based education plan that provides vocational pathways and trade programs.


Synergy is committed to provide various opportunities for student achievement through certifications, dual enrollment, apprenticeship training and, clinical/hands-on simulations.

Synergy recognizes that every student learns differently; therefore, we offer two distinctive educational pathways, which includes vocational training and/or college preparatory.