Weather Alert

Faculty and staff are prepared to implement a preparedness plan in the event of natural disasters. School will be cancelled if there is any threat. Listen to local radio and TV for announcements. We will follow the St. Lucie County School District closing and canceling school activities. 
Due to sudden severe weather, buses may be delayed for the safety of the students. Parents will be notified by email as to when to expect an adjusted arrival time. Students in the car line may be delayed due to sudden severe weather and when lightning is present.  
In case of a hurricane or tornado, the students will be instructed to “Take Cover” in an interior room. Delayed departures from school will be considered if severe weather threatens. Students will remain on campus until reunited with parents. 
Listen to the following stations and social media in case of an emergency: 
• WPSL 1590 AM  32 
• WBOF 105.9 FM

• WSTU 1450 AM

• WPBF Channel 25

• Gradelink text

• FSCA Facebook

• FSCA Twitter

• FSCA Instagram

• FSCA Website